What are the benefits of VetrinolTM for cattle?


VetrinolTM … Detect, Drench, Defend!


1.  Efficacy

Studies have shown that the allicin and organosulfur compounds within VetrinolTM help to restore, balance and enhance the immune system of animals. 

During the test marketing phase VetrinolTM has been used by selected farmers in the Netherlands. Their experience has demonstrated that VetrinolTM can lead to stronger health and lower costs.

VetrinolTM is has also been tested in trials conducted by independent, GLP-accredited, contract research organizations in both the Netherlands and New Zealand.

2.  Long term health

The use of VetrinolTM may improve the long term health of the animals, because VetrinolTM helps to restore, balance and enhance the animal’s natural immune system.

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