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VetrinolTM ... Detect, Drench, Defend!


InQpharm Animal Health Europe BV is part of the InQpharm Group, an innovation-driven specialty pharmaceutical group of companies active in the animal health and consumer health industries. The InQpharm Group is global, with offices in USA, the Netherlands, UK, Germany and Malaysia. Founded in 2005, our geographical expansion has been rapid, and now our products are sold in around 60 countries worldwide.

Our mission is to provide sustainable preventative solutions to enable farmers to improve the wellbeing of their animals and thereby reduce the reliance on drugs. We work in synergy with a global network of technology and commercialisation partners. Together we discover, develop, validate and commercialise unique, safe and effective therapeutic compounds and products derived from natural sources.

As a result of an extensive R&D programme, InQpharm has a fast-growing portfolio of patented and patent-pending platform technologies. These technologies offer significant opportunities for the development and commercialisation of innovative “best-in-class” products in areas of high unmet need.

The focus of InQpharm Animal Health Europe is on building a range of complementary feeds for dairy cattle.

We are selecting ambitious business partners to grow together with us in EU markets, and subsequently in North America and selected Asian markets!

For more information please visit - or call +31 (0)13 505 1658 for Benelux and Germany or +31 (0) 651567779 for other parts of the world.

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